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A fully equipped private clinic for all … in the heart of Bugibba

Established in 2016, Pjazza Medics Medical Clinic offers a calming atmosphere for all visiting patients - be them young or adults. Our team of doctors is made up of leading local and foreign medical professionals who are always committed to provide you with expert medical consultancy on both traditional and alternative medicine.

Our Medical Services

"We thought that the North of Malta was missing a medical clinic that could supply specialised health consultancies for the people living in the northern towns and villages…The aim is to provide specialists, both of traditional and alternative medicine, so that we can care for our patients in a most comprehensive and holistic manner”

Mrs. Giselle Galea Gusman
(Clinic Director)

alternative treatments

Alternative Treatments

Apart from traditional medicine, such as pills, we provide alternative medicine which relies on the use of natural healthcare practices residing outside medical science


Medical Consultancy

Good health is the clinic’s mission! Our doctors assist children and adults for their well-being, from head to toe, with high-quality services under one roof

Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition

Focused on healthy eating through a balanced diet, our residing nutritionist and dietician can guide you towards achieving long-term results



Our clinic offers premium dentistry and dental care services for general oral hygiene and healthy teeth, to prevent or treat dental disorders

Our Team

At Pjazza Medics Medical Clinic we have gathered the best medical specialists to take care of every patient’s needs.

Working together as a team, we guarantee to make you our top priority every time you visit us for a consultation or a specific treatment.

Our team of specialised doctors have long years of experience in their respective fields, so trust us….

Our Full List of Specialists


  • Aesthetic Dermatology - Dr. David Grech

  • Aromatherapy / Alternative Medicine - Ms. Pauline Attard

  • Blood Testing (Nurse) - Ms. Lara Khan

  • Cardiologist - Dr. Elton Pillaha

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy - Dr. Carlo Conti

  • Clinical Psychologist - Ms. Helen Attard Micallef

  • Counsellor - Ms. Michelle Zerafa

  • Dentistry - Dr. Luigi Spinetta

  • Dentistry - Dr. Susana Fantini

  • Dietician / Nutritionist - Ms. Dalia Cefai Abouleez

  • DNA Testing - Mr. Christopher Farrugia

  • Dry Needling - Dr. Carlo Conti

  • EFT - Ms. Valerie Fenech

  • ENT - Dr. Kenneth Muscat

  • Family Therapist - Ms. Clara Attard

  • Food Intolerance testing - Mr. George Grech

  • General Practitioner - Dr. Mario Cilia

  • Gynaecology / Obstetrician - Mr. Max Dingli

  • Gynaecology / Obstetrician - Ms. Chiara Frendo Balzan

services 2

  • Lifestyle Coaching - Ms. Valerie Fenech

  • Massage Therapist, Lymphatic Drainage - Ms. Lara Khan

  • Massage Therapist, Aromatherapy Healing - Ms. Pauline Attired

  • Nutritionist - Mr.George Grech

  • Office Ergonomics Consultancy - Dr. Carlo Conti

  • Orthopaedic Surgeon - Mr. Alistair Pace

  • Paediatrician - Dr. Aleksandra Katarzyna

  • Physiotherapist - General, Sports - Mr. Nicholas Farrugia

  • Physiotherapist & Manual Therapist - Dr. Carlo Conti

  • Podiatrist - Ms. Roxanne Agius

  • Preventative / Ayurvedic Medicine - Ms. Lydia Oukhaneva

  • Radiologist - Dr. Warren Scicluna

  • Reflexology - Ms. Lara Khan

  • Speech Therapy - Mr. Christian Farrugia

  • Systematic Family Psychotherapist - Ms. Helen Attard Micallef

  • Ultrasound - Dr. Pierre Vassallo

  • Urologist Specialist - Dr. Karl German

  • Vein Specialist - Dr. Adrian Micallef

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